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Terms and Conditions

1. The client can cancel the service within 6 days of making the payment and the full amount will be transferred to the given account number or any other payment option.

2. If after 6 days, the client unnecessarily cancels the service, then the refund calculation will be based on our resource used and time consumed /DAY by us and the remaining balance will be transferred into the client’s given account number or any other payment option.

3. NO cancellation is possible for the services given with discounts on any day including a normal day or any special occasion like Christmas, Independence Day, Republic Day, New Year, etc. These discounts are only limited edition offers, so no refund would be possible for that.

4. We are neither responsible nor we will entertain the cancellation requests for Domain, Hosting, Themes, or Plugin purchased.

5. After the end of every payment cycle, the services will be stopped within the next 5 days if the payment is not received to us. We will contact you through a registered phone number and e-mail address for giving a reminder.

6. If the client wants to stop any running service and does not want to give money for next month’s service, then the client must have to inform before 8 days of the end of the payment cycle of the current month. By not following this guideline, every single day (after the end of payment cycle) will be counted as our resource used and time consumed, therefore full and final will settle down after that only.

7. Once if you had paid the amount of any service for any month and you did not make any use of that, then the decision is completely in our end (depending upon the client’s relationship and trust they have made for us).

8. Every service offered by us has its own way to complete, resources used and time consumed for that, so return policy differs from services to services.

9. No return will be entertained for the work already completed (and point 2) because every set of resources and men powers are used in achieving a certain milestone of a project.

10. No return will entertain for any campaign setup, installation process, a post created, and any other way of using manpower and time. The refund amount will be transferred after deduction.

11. Taxes paid for any services, tools, or on anything will not be counted in the refund policy.

12. No refund will be Transferred to the client, if services are canceled by our side due to any kind of violation of our Terms & Conditions.

13. We are not responsible for the delay by any third-party side’s services.

14. Basic terms and conditions will be mentioned by our side on every proposal mail. The client must have to follow both conditions mentioned in the mail and on our website. If any queries or any sort of doubt is there in client’s mind related to these conditions, then its client’s duty to clear all doubts before continuing the services. (Note: It is not our duty to tell the client to read our terms and condition, mostly every website have this section on the footer of the website)

15. If we develop any website for our client then we have the authority to leave our watermark or name on the footer of the client’s website (like designed and developed by yourdigishell). If the client does not want that or in future during our service period or after service period, the client removes by himself/herself, then an extra 2500Rs will be charged for that.

16. Handling the website to the client with final approval is the Proof that the client likes the website and accepted the designed and development concept. Therefore, no violation of Point no.15 due to any reason.

17. After the service tenure or if the client wants to quit the services, it is the client’s responsibility to change every password from every platform. We are not responsible for any harm to your assets in the future, after completion of service tenure or quitting.

18. Any violation of terms and conditions will be considered as breaking the rules and regulations of usual business laws made by the government. The client will be responsible for that.

19. We are not responsible for any 3rd party issues created by them or clients hired simultaneously by someone else for the same services due to any reason for judging us or quitting us.

20. Before the start of every service, we will sign a contract of service tenure and that will be counted in terms of working days or working months. So that if there is a stoppage from the client’s end, then that stoppage period will not be counted.