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does not compromise with Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

This website’s privacy policy is applicable to all the internet users who see or visit the website’s pages and also submit the information or personal details.

YOURDIGISHELL is completely responsible and values the privacy of internet users for protecting individual information or details about them. 

YOURDIGISHELL follows the procedure and protocol for the storage, usage, collection, and disclosure of any personal/individual’s information of the internet user as per the direction given by relevant law/regulation for business.

YOURDIGISHEL, highly expect with their users to comply with them for maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information/detail.

Log files

For utilizing log files, implements a common method. When the users access the website, these files can register them in their database for collecting some necessary details with the aim of monitoring user’s activity on the website’s pages and gathering demographic for the same. This process can include the user’s version, ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP (Internet Protocol) address, and a number of click and time spent on a particular website’s page.

Cookies Policy uses cookies like another website for storing information including the user’s activity on website’s pages and interest of them. This information is used for customizing the experience of the user on our website for making the website more interesting and useful in the near future.

The platform named- GOOGLE ANALYTICS by Google, has been used by for cookies. Also, users are free to disable these cookies by changing the web browser’s settings on their devices. is not responsible for cookies placed by another website on their devices to collect information.


YOURDIGISHELL has all the rights reserved for updating Privacy Policy and a list of 3rd parties on their website. Any changes related to updating in the privacy policy or list of 3rd parties will be directly sent to the clients on their registered mailing address and contact number.


In case of any concern or dispute, the User or Client may contact the CRM (Client Relationship Manager), the details are mentioned on the website, and manager will immediately resolve the complaints within the fair period as provided in relevant rules or laws.

Effective Date

This Privacy Policy was latest modified on May 14, 2020.